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Face search service.
Find and sort out photos after events.

Share the link to the album with us, send your portrait and you’ll get all your photos immediately!
We are working with:
Will be fully available at the end of March but you can already start playing with us right now on Demo Page.
Just leave us an email and we'll get back to you soon with instructions and activation promo-code.
  • We look for your face in photos by using the machine vision technology*. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the picture, as long as you’re in it - we’ll get it for you!
  • We can look for you on Instagram, and in Google Drive and Yandex.Disk folders. Just provide the link with the files, an Instagram name or a hashtag.
  • We save your time: spend your time on other things while we look for your photos from a wedding, a marathon or any other event.
  • We can find that photo of you where you’re with a kid, a friend or your significant other...

How does it work?

  • You provide us with a link to the album, an account name or an Instagram hashtag you want us to look through.
  • You upload a reference picture - a photo with your face clearly visible.
  • We find you in the pictures from the link you provided to us.
  • All you have to do now is to download the photos we have found for you.
*Machine vision is a technology that independently recognizes what is shown in a photograph without involving human input. Our service works automatically - photos are not sorted manually and unauthorized people will not get access to them.

What problems can we handle?

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Find my photos after events
Have you made a lot of new friends on event and many memorable photos as well? Forget who took the picture, but remember hashtag or location? Or maybe the event was last summer and now you have to look through thousands of Instagram posts to find the one? Not a problem - just specify hashtag and run a portrait search. We will find all relevant photos!
Play a detective
Turn into a private detective, get yourself a HuntMeDown tracking kit and keep tracing of where the person was by photo. All you need to do is specify right hashtags on Instagram and order monitoring of them. Уou will be immediately informed if a person appears in the searching area. Кeep an eye out!
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Protect your child
Are you worried about your kid and want to protect him? Do not want him to fall into the wrong company? Make sure that there is nothing dangerous around your child! Monitor your child's photos on Instagram by hashtags or accounts you choose and keep your child safe and sound!
Be close to your favourite celebrity
Find out what celebrities or public figures like on Instagram, immerse yourself in their lifestyle and relationships. Search for their photos on Instagram and be informed which events and places had they attended. Get a closer look at everyday life of your favourite movie star or singer!
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Custom object detection
Do you want to improve our face search or find a specific print on your T-shirt? Or maybe you need to count the number of Coca-Cola bottles on the picture? We can learn how to find any object, just write to us!


There are a lot of people in the picture. Can your service still find me?

Can others look for my face?

What if your service couldn’t find me?

What is the maximum volume of photos the service can process?

What photo formats does the service process?

Do you need my Instagram password?

Can you look through private accounts on Instagram?

What if I close the tab during the search?

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